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Malindo Airlines Turbo Propeller Engines

Hushed mouthed, as Malindo Airlines remains silient about it's furure plans to utilise turbo propeller engines with its existing operations. The jet propeller aircraft will operate out of the Skypark Terminal in Subang. The planes will be supplied by major stake holders such as Lion Air. Last year in Feb, Lion Airways had placed an order for 28 ATR 72-600 planes, to bel are delivered in 2015, will make its regional airline, Wings Airways, the world's biggest ATR carrier, with a total fleet size of 63 comprising 25 ATR 72-500s and 46 ATR 72-600s.

Lion Aviation will surrender quite a few ATRs from Wings Airlines and pass it onto Malindo Airlines for the latter to begin routes from Singapore, Subang to Sabah and Sarawak. FireFly currently has a bigger market share in these regions.Malindo Airlines is currently trying to secure an operating licence from the Department of Civil Aviation to operate from the Subang airport. Subang Airport has restrictions and only allows the use of propeller engine aircraft for commercial passenger flights.


Malindo Airway's turbo propeller planes would be competing toe-to-toe with Firefly Airlines on the profitable short-haul destinations out of Subang to Kota, Kinabalu Kuching as well as Singapore. Malindo Airlines can take advantage of the situation and offer lower fares for passengers on these routes thus shrinking FireFly's market share. The proof is in the pudding as Malindo Airlines prior to launching was already hiring pilots for turboprop destinations. So this was part of the Strategy for expansion.

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Publishing Date: 2 Dec 2023.

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